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how to order

We accept orders via, phone, fax and email. Our on line store will ship UPS from our store within 1-3 days. For custom bevel orders we require mailing a full size pattern, marked where the cut line is. This will insure your glass is cut properly if there is lead in between. Include on your pattern glass thickness and bevel size. We will then send a written confirmation of your order to be signed and returned before production starts. We require a 50% deposit on all custom orders and balance is due upon completion or shipment. Keep in mind that glass cutting is completely different than cutting wood or other materials. There is a Standard Industry Tolerance allowance for cutting different thicknesses of glass. Up to 1/4″ is + or – 1/16″ 3/8″ glass is + or – 3/32″ 1/2″ glass is + or – 1/8″ and 3/4″ glass is + or – 3/16″ You can always choose to ship your pre-cut glass to us. Our typical turn around time for most glass and bevel orders is 7-10 working days.

For custom leaded glass or etched glass commissions, you may come into the studio or call to set up a complimentary in home appointment. All designs are drawn small scale and approved by the client. All glass is chosen with each clients needs in mind. There are no surprises. Please refer to the Custom Decorative Glass section for a more detailed outline of the commissioned order process. We are happy to accept internet orders. We can e-mail designs and have glass samples mailed for complete approval. We crate and safely ship fully insured to your world-wide destination.


Every piece we create has a complete satisfaction guarantee. Call us with any questions or concerns and we will address it immediately. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. All custom art windows are fully warrantied for all workmanship. Each piece of decorative glass is handcrafted in our studio by skilled craftsman with years of experience. Keep in mind that unlike common window glass, which is smooth and flawless, the art glass itself will have subtle variations. It may have small imperfections such as bubbles, lines and striations, thick and thin areas creating color variations and a variety of other natural effects. We consider this to be normal and gives each piece originality and character. Consider your commission to be a unique, one of a kind piece of art. 

Every panel that is delivered and properly installed should not break unless it is hit or slammed repeatedly. Glass pieces can break when a window is sagging or bowed out. At that point you should have plenty of time to notice this and can repair and or add additional support bars to strengthen the window. It is strongly advised to have a licensed glazier familiar with stained glass to discuss all installation possibilities and install your investment. I have found that a baseball, basketball, or the handle of a mop or vacuum seem to be the usual culprits when glass pieces are cracked. Keep in mind that we can repair anything!


Leaded Glass: You can carefully clean your leaded glass as you would any piece of glass. It will not hurt the glass or lead. Dusting with a soft t-shirt or soft foxtail brush is what we typically recommend. Other methods may take longer to get the cleaning solution cleaned! For example when you spray a glass cleaner you may have a smudge build up in the corners where the lead joins together. To clean this up we would use a sharpened wood dowel the width of a pencil, wrapped in a soft cloth. You would go around each piece of glass in need of shining. A lot of people like to hose the outside of their windows. It is never a good idea for any wood windows and especially doors to have a regular soaking. You may end up painting or staining sooner than you would typically need. Also the more the putty underneath the lead is wet and then dry, will speed up the time it takes for the putty to dry and crack out and leave your window in need of restoration. If you have a problem with water spots on your decorative glass, most glass will clean up with out scratching using the #0000 super fine steel wool. Windows that are triple glazed are certainly easier to clean but you trade the ease of cleaning for the overall beauty of the art window. At certain times of the day you will see only glare off the flat piece of glass. Please refer to the Insulated Windows section for more detailed reasons to select triple, dual and single glazing options for your art glass.

Etched Glass: You can clean your etched and sand carved glass with any window glass cleaner. It will appear wet and darken at first and then dry to the whiter etched glass look. We use acetone, thinner, or alcohol to get dirty spots out of an etched glass piece. The best solution to protect large evenly etched pieces from dirty, oily hand prints or splattering in a kitchen or bar area, is to have us diamond seal your project. This is a sealer that is applied after we finish sandblasting. It makes the etching look a little darker but gives the piece the capability of being cleaned easier. We recommend this on all solid etched or high traffic areas. People just love to touch and feel the sand carved glass!

Any special project, for example gold leafing or painted pieces that require more delicate handling will certainly be discussed on an individual basis. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns before using cleaning products.