Repairs & Restoration

Repairs are a huge part of our business. When your door or window is cracked, we can usually take it out, repair it, and return it the same day. If we need a little more time, we will put a piece of plywood in its place so that your home is secure while we work on your piece. If you can bring it in to our shop, you will save the money that we need to charge for removing and installing. When we are finished the piece is as good as new. We replace all bevels or broken glass with a new piece that we match as close as is possible. We can also repair insulated panels when the outside tempered glass has been broken and or the window seal has failed and it appears to be cloudy. In some cases you may need to touch up the molding with paint when we are finished.

Each window on an individual basis with size, design and environmental factors, will have a different life span before a restoration is needed. In the majority of cases, a typical leaded glass window will out live us. The re-glazing of a panel (the putty underneath the lead which keeps it waterproof and rigid) should take place when you see it cracking and falling out. It has been widely noted that a window a century old will need to be re-leaded. You will notice the lead stretching and separating, and breaking before the solder joint. At a certain age the lead becomes so thick with corrosion it can not be soldered strong enough to make the repair last. The glass itself should last “forever” withstanding oxidation from our environment. After all, there are stained glass windows that are centuries old.