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“Growing up in an old church, I have always been fascinated by stained glass and the way each individual pane glimmers in the sunlight. I was always saddened when young to think the art was abandoned. You can see why hearing that there were those who preserve and innovate the traditional artform was such a powerful revelation to me!”

My name is George Khoury and I am a sophomore film student at Biola University. 

I and a couple friends are making a short documentary for a class project, and we would love to tell the story of Beveldine.

Below you will see the interview.


OC Register: Restored Stained-glass Window Unveiled

KRLA Home Show Interview 1: Beveldine with Cynthia Chenier Glass Designer

KRLA Home Show Interview 2: Beveldine with Cynthia Chenier Glass Designer


July 2017 issue of Newport Beach Lifestyle

Beveldine wins Best Artist at the Balboa Art Walk