We offer full service beveling. We bevel glass or mirror, clear or colored, smooth or textured, thick or thin. We can make almost any size or shape of bevel. Machine (straight) and Hand (curved) Bevels from  ¼” to 1-1/2” wide. We can bevel down to 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” by machine, and our talented resident beveling master has replicated pieces with as little as a 1/8” wide bevel. Nothing compares to the beauty of refracted light, creating a rainbow of colors as the light changes throughout the day. Consider using bevels in any new project, you will not be disappointed.

Hand Beveled Glass Conch Shell  zipper cut bevel  Raul Custom Bevels
Hand Beveled Glass Conch Shell
Zipper Cut Bevels 
Beveling Glass by Hand


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Our mission is to create an environment where creativity can flourish, secrets can be shared, artists can inspire each other and together we can exceed the expectations of all our different clients needs...

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Transatlantic Stained Glass Symposium

Click here to see Symposium photos and Videos from Lamberts German hand crafted mouth-blown colored glass and mouth-blown genuine rondels.

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