Beveldine offers a wide variety of Art Glass Classes. From basic beginner classes to advanced classes, we cater to each individual's abilities and level of experience.

Studio Parties

Let’s be creative! Beveldine is available for private parties. Host your next special event in our beautiful warehouse art studio. We have celebrated Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Artist Receptions, and more. We customize each event to your special needs. We want a unique experience for you and your guests. We provide a staff for assisting in any medium you chose. We offer fusing parties for kids 12 and over. We supply tables and chairs and you bring the food and drinks. If it’s an artistic atmosphere you looking for, our building has hosted business meetings and networking lunches. We have ample parking and wonderful catering suggestions.

Beveldine is available for private parties. Hold your next special event at Beveldine in Stanton, Orange County.

Typically each person gets to work on their own piece of the project and then the special someone gets to take home the collaboration as their gift. Individual take away projects are available as well. 

For reservations pricing and more information call: (714) 761-1360.

Parties we have done: 

Mosaic Birthday Party

Fused Glass Party

Bridal Shower

Private Parties


Fused glass studio parties 

Traditional Stained, Leaded, Etched and Beveled Glass. Original designs for each specific clients taste. Anything can be drawn and done in glass. We can combine your ideas, taking into account your homes style and décor. Classic, contemporary and abstract, our portfolio of designs will surely give you ideas and educate you in the many different possibilities. We collaborate with designers and architects and together we can bring your project from design to installation. 

The majority of commissions are designed by hand in the comfort of your home. We will give you an accurate price upon out first visit, including discussing all installation possibilities. All designs are approved small scale and then glass is selected to compliment and satisfy all your individual needs. If requested you may see the pattern full scale before assembly to see how your piece will look. If there is any research needed to design your project or jobs of a larger nature, we may require a design fee applied to your overall cost. When the small scale design is approved we require a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon completion and or installation. 

We can match any mass produced entryway with a complimenting transom, sidelight or window in zinc, brass or lead caming. If you are looking for that truly original custom design or a small accent window, Beveldine is your source.  Call us today at (714) 761-1360 to set up your complimentary appointment.

custom decorative glass

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We can order and install any new window and hang any door system along with your decorative glass order. From start to finish we can handle it all to ensure that your project runs smoothly. We have multiple sources for custom made doors, windows and sashes, along with any stock door or vinyl replacement window available. If you have been wishing to bring more light into an area, a new window with a beautiful leaded glass panel is not too much to ask! When structurally possible, any solid existing door can be cut out and a new decorative glass can be inserted. Remodeling your existing door can be a fraction of the cost of a new entry, and you can have a brand new look.

replacement mahogany window  Transome Window  Stained glass installations  

There are many different projects and commissions being created at Beveldine. We rent our kilns to artists to slump their own projects, and have created many custom pieces for lamp repairs, tile, bent glass shapes, plates, bowls, ornaments, jewelry, sculptures and many other fused glass creations you can imagine. We have multiple sized kilns for rent or give us your project spec’s and we will fire away.

Kiln Loading

We offer full service beveling. We bevel glass or mirror, clear or colored, smooth or textured, thick or thin. We can make almost any size or shape of bevel. Machine (straight) and Hand (curved) Bevels from  ¼” to 1-1/2” wide. We can bevel down to 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” by machine, and our talented resident beveling master has replicated pieces with as little as a 1/8” wide bevel. Nothing compares to the beauty of refracted light, creating a rainbow of colors as the light changes throughout the day. Consider using bevels in any new project, you will not be disappointed.

Hand Beveled Glass Conch Shell  zipper cut bevel  Raul Custom Bevels
Hand Beveled Glass Conch Shell
Zipper Cut Bevels 
Beveling Glass by Hand

We are one of the few companies that insulate our own Leaded glass panels. As glass artists, we want the decorative glass to be as beautiful as possible for viewing. There are times of the day when an insulated unit will show a glare across the face of the glass. However, there are many pluses to an insulated unit. Safety in high wind areas, glass cleaning ease, especially at the beach or hard to reach windows and protecting polished zinc and brass from oxidizing. We insulate wine room doors and windows to make sure you have the energy efficiency needed for temperature control. We will be happy to educate you on all the pro’s and con’s of insulating your decorative glass.

Insulated Units

Repairs are a huge part of our business. When your door or window is cracked, we can usually take it out, repair it, and return it the same day. If we need a little more time, we will put a piece of plywood in its place so that your home is secure while we work on your piece. If you can bring it in to our shop, you will save the money that we need to charge for removing and installing. When we are finished the piece is as good as new. We replace all bevels or broken glass with a new piece that we match as close as is possible. We can also repair insulated panels when the outside tempered glass has been broken and or the window seal has failed and it appears to be cloudy. In some cases you may need to touch up the molding with paint when we are finished.

Each window on an individual basis with size, design and environmental factors, will have a different life span before a restoration is needed. In the majority of cases, a typical leaded glass window will out live us. The re-glazing of a panel (the putty underneath the lead which keeps it waterproof and rigid) should take place when you see it cracking and falling out. It has been widely noted that a window a century old will need to be re-leaded. You will notice the lead stretching and separating, and breaking before the solder joint. At a certain age the lead becomes so thick with corrosion it can not be soldered strong enough to make the repair last. The glass itself should last “forever” withstanding oxidation from our environment. After all, there are stained glass windows that are centuries old.


We can supply everything you need to make any decorative glass projects. Weather you work with lead or copper foil or enjoy fused or mosaic glass, we have your supplies.  We are proud to be affiliated with our neighbor, Hollander glass. We can offer to our retail customers anything Hollanders has available to the wholesale glass industry. If we do not have it on our shelves, we can walk you over and have it within minutes. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with any questions regarding your purchases.

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