Antique Painted Stained Glass

 Restored Leaded Traditional Arched Stained Glass

 Beautiful Antique Stained Glass


 Tiffany Style Iris Lamp 16"


  Tiffany Style Daffodil Lamp 12"


Tiffany Style Magnolia Lamp 20"



 Tiffany Style Spider Mum Hanging Lamp 22"


 Tiffany Style Peacock Lamp 22"


 Tiffany Style Dragon Fly Lamp



 Tiffany Style Peacock Lamp


 Tiffany Style Lotus 18" Shade


Tiffany Style Pony Wisteria Lamp


Overstock Items

Marble beveled stone tile marble-beveled-stone-tile terra-cota-beveled-marble-stone-tile
White marble beveled stone tile Grey marble beveled stone tile  Terra-cotta marble beveled stone tile
white-gray-beveled-marble-stone-tiles while-marble-strips-beveled-squares mirror-beveled-squares-2x2
White gray marble beveled stone tile White marble beveled strips and squares Mirrored square bevels

Transatlantic Stained Glass Symposium

Click here to see Symposium photos and Videos from Lamberts German hand crafted mouth-blown colored glass and mouth-blown genuine rondels.

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