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Beveldine Decorative Glass Blog

Beveldine Decorative Glass Blog

The installation for our second Lululemon store went great. We removed the center mullion as you can see from the before photo. All of the abstract stained glass panels connected to one another. My templates had to be perfect. Considering we were dealing with an existing storefront window frame it was a challenge to say the least. The Westlake Promenade is a beautiful outdoor retail mall. They have beautiful stained glass lamps throughout the mall.  You can enjoy our stained glass from the inside while shopping for your workout clothes. But in the evening they are spectacular to view from the outside. The color inspiration was scotch and wine so enjoy them while visiting "The Grill" or  "Public School 805".

Our Reception postcards have been sent out, our constant contact has been e-mailed, Facebook friends have been alerted, the artists have notified their friends and family....... Let's have a party!  Come join us for our big event. Saturday September 21st, 2013 from 3:00 to 7:00pm. We can't wait to show off all our hard work. We look forward to seeing one and all! 

Our resident youth artist, Danny Chenier is working hard getting ready for our Gallery Reception scheduled for Saturday September 21st. He will be among five glass artists displaying their work. Below you see him working with frit, decorating jewelry dishes to be fused and then slumped. We have many water-jet cut glass pieces that make it so easy for any youth to safely and easily make fused glass art. Consider a unique birthday party at Beveldine for your child 12 and over. Look for your invitation to our Artists Reception coming out soon, mark your calendars!

We just wrapped up our 2 week Fusing and Slumping class. We had a small group of 4 students who were lucky enough to get a wealth of information from our great teacher, Ruth Wood. Pictured here with Veronica, our resident artist from Huntington Beach, showing off her beautiful blue/green/clear plate. We will be slumping all the projects this week for our students to eagerly pick-up next weekend. Check our News/Classes section for a current list of upcoming Fused, Slumping, Stained Glass and Glass Painting classes.

We have had the great pleasure to work with a wonderful swedish family.  She wanted to give the decorative glass a hint of the swedish designs without going overboard. We first

Today we sandcarved a sign for Maderas Steak and Ribs restaurant in Los Alamitos. They had 1/2" arched glass already in place that had vinyl lettering cut out for their name. The led lights didn't show up very well, so they wanted the name sandcarved into the glass. We used their camera ready artwork and had it enlarged and ready to go. They delivered the sign, we cut out the name on buttercut resist, and blasted it the same day. They picked up the sign and had it back in place for their Father's Day weekend crowd. They were thrilled with the outcome. It was a huge improvement and really shows off the front entrance with the changing colored lights. 

Sandcarved grapes for a wine room in Manhattan Beach. These panels show the progression of sandcarving a very detailed, mirror image, grape scene. The sizes are 30" x 82" They are blasted on over 1/2" thick glass with a 1-1/2" bevel.  I worked back and forth on both panels so that they would look exactly the

We showed off our "Beveled Glass Shells" series in this years Annual Balboa Island Artwalk. We use your collection of shells, rocks, sea glass, anything that has a flat enough edge to copperfoil into a window. We have a display at Beveldine showing 3 different custom beveled shells, along with 3 different wood frames for you to choose from. We really got a great response at the Artwalk. It was a perfect day. The weather was awesome, the crowd was great, I passed out over 200 cards. AND...... we sold the Iris window! It has been with me for 8-10 years. I designed it looking at one of my grandmothers vases. I know it is going to a good home, the new owner has been eyeing it for the last 2 shows and she loves it! 

We spent a nice weekend day installing a transom to match a set of BGW beveled glass doors.

Crystal chandeliers are in.... we just installed 5 beautiful beveled, leaded glass windows in cypress.

This week we installed our 3rd panel in the studio's arched red copper-foil sample windows. It's been a long time since we have had the time to build another panel. This design was inspired by Tiffany's "Autumn Landscape" window. The aspen's were painted by our talented glass painter Jeff Hitch. As the panel gets higher the leaves will turn to orange. It is being assembled with all Uroboros glass, THE BEST!  We have two  more panels yet to do on this 10ft arched window.  It's very exciting when we get to install another section. It will be so beautiful when it's completed!

Transatlantic Stained Glass Symposium

Click here to see Symposium photos and Videos from Lamberts German hand crafted mouth-blown colored glass and mouth-blown genuine rondels.

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